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Stainless Steel Triangular Cleaning Mop

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Ā Rotatable adjustable triangle cleaning mopšŸ’–


  • The mop head rotates 180 degrees, and any corner can be easily cleanedļ¼Œincluding dead ends and deep gaps.

  • Free splicing, 5 steel pipes can reach 240cm, and high places can also be cleaned, cleaned, scraped, etc., which saves effort.
  • No need to climb stairs or bend down to clean. Save time and energy.āœØ


    • The triangle mop has two cloth heads, chenille mop head and fiber cloth head.The high-quality chenille mop head is thick and soft, with super absorption and suction power.The fiber cloth head also has super absorption capacity and suction power.
    • It has tension adjustment buckles on both sides, easy to install: just pull it to install or replace.
      • It is spliced, the length of the two-section rod is 1.1m, the length of the three-section rod is 1.5m, the length of the four-section rod is 1.95m, and the length of the five-section rod is 2.4m. It is suitable for the elderly and children.
      • There is a hanging hole at the end of the handle for easy hanging and drainage, and easy storage.
      • Two types of mops heads are used in different scenarios. Fiber cloth (clean and smooth surface) Chenille cloth (transparent, no dust).
      • The two cloth heads have strong water absorption, easy to clean in removing dirt, easy to clean, and reusable.
      • The easy-to-use 180-degree rotating triangle mop can be used to clean bathtubs, toilet surfaces and backrests, mirrors, glass, ceilings, etc.

        4 installation steps:

        Step 1: Docking the tray with rod;
        Step 2: Butt, rotate and tighten the rods;
        Step 3: Fit the fiber cloth and hoop&loop closely;
        Step 4: Install the chenille cloth and put the elastic cloth into the tray.


            • Name: Multifunctional Triangle Mopļ»æ
            • Material: stainless steel/PP/microfiber/chenille
            • Color: White
            • BoldĀ andĀ thickenedĀ rodĀ diameter:Ā aboutĀ 22mm/0.86in
            • The package includes:Ā 2 sections (mop rod*2, chenille cloth head*1, fiber cloth head*1ļ¼Œ
            Stainless Steel Triangular Cleaning Mop

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