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Platinum Wire Dishwashing Gloves (Pack of 2)

Platinum Wire Dishwashing Gloves (Pack of 2)

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🍽️✨ Enhance your dishwashing experience with our reversible silver wire dishwashing gloves: the ultimate solution for stain removal, non-stick oil and waterproof kitchen cleaning! ✨🧤
(Two Years Usage Guarrantee)

Introducing the Reversible Silver Filigree Dishwashing Mitt—a revolutionary tool that will change your kitchen cleaning habits. Say goodbye to stubborn stains, non-stick oil and wet hands. These versatile gloves provide efficient, clean and waterproof protection.


🌊Double-sided silver wire design: Release the power! Double-sided silver wire construction removes dirt and grease from both sides, ensuring a thorough and efficient cleaning process. Experience the convenience of 360-degree cleaning power.

🧤Stain Removal Master: Say goodbye to stubborn stains! Our gloves are engineered to easily lift and remove stubborn residue, making dishwashing and kitchen cleaning a breeze. Enjoy spotless results without the hassle.


🍳 Non-Stick Oil Solution: Stay Smooth! The silver wire material ensures a non-stick surface, preventing oil and grease from sticking to the gloves. Complete dishwashing tasks with ease without worrying about sticky residue on your hands.

💦 Waterproof: Focus on your cleaning tasks! The waterproof design of these gloves keeps your hands dry and protected, allowing you to tackle kitchen chores with confidence and comfort. No more wet hands when washing dishes.


🏡 Multifunctional Home Cleaning: Beyond the Kitchen! These gloves are great for a variety of household cleaning tasks. Use them to clean the bathroom, treat wet surfaces, or any chore that requires waterproofing and stain removal.


Why choose our double-sided silver wire dishwashing gloves?

🌟Efficient cleaning: Double-sided silver wire design ensures comprehensive cleaning, making your dishwashing cleaning tasks more efficient and effective.

🛡️ Clean hands: Keep your hands clean. The non-stick surface prevents oil and stains from sticking to the gloves, ensuring a clean and comfortable dishwashing experience.

💧 Waterproof Comfort: No more damp and wrinkled hands. Water resistance keeps hands dry and protected, allowing you to focus on the task at hand without discomfort.

🍽️ Multi-Purpose:These gloves are for more than just dishwashing. Use them for a variety of household cleaning chores to add convenience and effectiveness to your overall cleaning routine.


🧤✨ Upgrade your dishwashing experience - order the Reversible Silver Filigree Dishwashing Mitts today for easy cleaning, stain removal and waterproofing! ✨🍽️


  • Material: Bamboo Fiber
  • Glove Length: 23.5*17cm



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